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New Technology Coming Soon!!! :)

10 Oct

New Technology Coming Soon!!! :)

Hello agents, VRC has amazing technology coming for your benefit in 2018! We strive to keep you on the cutting edge of technology and provide more services than any other company. We have been working very hard behind the scenes creating new tools to enhance and streamline your business. Below are some of the projects which will be available to you in 2016.

NEW ACCOUNTING SYSTEM – We have actually been building this system for almost 3 years now and are now in the testing phase. With this new system you will be able to access any information about your account with VRC at your convenience. It will answer questions like: Which closings have I had? What do I owe on contract? Have I paid my E&O insurance? Which classes have I taken? What classes do I still need to take? Plus many other questions you may have about your relationship with our company. It’s been a loooong build but we’re hoping to launch first quarter of 2016.

V3– Our newest version of our online agent center but with newer tools and services. This system will be smart phone friendly and is sure to be an amazing tool for your business! We’re hoping to launch the basic version within the first quarter of 2016. Once full version is launched it will be like your current agent center but on steroids!!!!

VSTREAM – Currently under design. Automatically streamline your listings and postings to multiple social medias with the touch of a button! This system will save you time and market your listings which will make you more money. We’re intending on launching this system in the 2nd quarter of 2016.

VMAX – Currently under design. This system will enhance your business to it’s maximum potential. With this system, your sphere of influence will automatically receive emails from you (company sends on your behalf) every other week. Your database will receive newsletters (branded to you) which will include: market statistics, real estate news, home maintenance tips, staging tips, and many other valuable pieces of information. VMAX will even market to your clients after the sale which will keep the referrals coming in! We will also have a segment that will market to agents you recently had a closing with and you will get the residuals if they join VRC! Our goal is to have a basic system that is functional by mid-summer of 2016. Total project time for full version will take longer than that and is hard to project completion date.

SPECIAL NOTE – We build most of our technology right in house. One thing we’ve learned is that when you build technology sometimes you get glitches which cause delays. As we continue to develop these new systems and tools for you please notify us with any problems,ideas, or questions you may have. Thanks again for being part of our growing family!