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Condo Styles

Typically owner only owns “the air space” inside of the unit. Rarely will owner be able to alter any form of structural, electrical, plumbing, etc. Most forms of maintenance are the responsibility of a condo association, and the owners of these condo units must pay monthly association dues. Purchasers should ALWAYS read the “Bylaws” of the Condo Association, prior to purchasing.

Similar to a single family home, except a monthly payment is made to a Condo Association that takes care of things like landscaping, road repair, and SOMETIMES exterior maintenance of the home. (Have your buyers check with the “Bylaws” to see what their monthly dues cover.)

Typically a condo (sometimes a single family home) that is at least 2 stories in height or more. They are much taller than they are wide, with the bedrooms normally on the upper levels, and the main level dedicated to the kitchen, dining, and living areas (often times this main floor has an open floor plan.)

A condo that has high ceilings and typically has an open floor plan. Usually built inside an old industrial building or warehouse in densely populated areas.

A condo complex where multiple units share a common entry way from the outside instead of having a separate exterior door for each unit. Common in older condo complexes and densely populated neighborhoods.

A condo with only one main room where the bed, kitchen, dining are, and living area are located. A small bathroom is usually found near the entrance. (think of a hotel room with a kitchen). They are common in densely populated neighborhoods, and some tourist areas.

A condo with its own entrance, and at the end of a row of condo units. Since there is only one side of the house with a shared wall, these units are considered more desirable.

A condo that is in a tall building, usually more than 4 stories and in densely populated areas. These usually have a common entrance and some oer more amenities than a typical condo complex (gym, pool, concierge) and charge higher monthly dues.